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Has SharePoint 2013's added value significantly increased due to its central alterations?

1 December 2012
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Has SharePoint 2013's added value significantly increased due to its central alterations?


Firstly, Microsoft has performed a brave paradigm shift towards collaboration in SharePoint 2013. Instead of the now-famous "abilities pie" a new method has emerged, consisting of 5 dimensions:

  1. Share- social sharing based on work colleagues and leveraging the system's social features.

  2. Organize- organizing tasks, document and project/organizational/team data throughout organizational applications such as MS Project, Outlook, etc. including use of Cloud technology.

  3. Discover- discovering new experts in the organization (regarding either project or fields of interest), producing insights via statistics synchronized with Excel 2013, finding search items easily and receiving recommendations regarding documents and users to follow.

  4. Build- developing interfaces and cloud applications, advertising upgrades to the SharePoint App Store, designing and adapting websites easily and dynamically.

  5. Manage- managing costs, risks and time resources via innovative delivery and providing advanced solutions based on a solid infrastructure.


It seems, therefore, that SharePoint 2013 provides a comprehensive solution for business data organization that allows users to improve their conduct while retaining and structuring work processes as well as compliance and previous IT investments.


Yet what specifically are SharePoint's improvements and alterations that differentiate it from SharePoint 2010?Firstly, the user interface and design has been replaced by a clean, modern and simple interface bearing no excessive details or elements. Furthermore, the user interface can be easily designed by knowing CSS, HTML, and JavaScript (rather than solely depending on being knowledgeable in SharePoint development).Furthermore, Microsoft has indeed invested in their social and sharing features that have been shown to be the most utilized features (according to a survey conducted by Forrester Research). These abilities manifest in improved tagging abilities, such as tagging subjects or users when uploading a document, "Suggested sites" according to content and finally (if organizations/users are interested) the ability to include data from social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn).

The "My siTe" abilities have improved greatly as well, now divided into three separate tabs: "Newsfeed", "SkyDrive Pro", "Sites". The "Newsfeed" resembles a social network "wall" complete with "liking" features and updates from the farm: documents, activities, posts all concentrated on the users' profile page successively. "SkyDrive Pro" contains all "my documents" existing in the 2010 version and the "Sites" contains links to websites the user may be interested in.


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