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Global KM Toolkit Collaboration

1 August 2022
Dr. Moria Levy
compass and ISO book

We worked together: KMers from Iran, France, Thailand, Israel, Jordan, Australia, Nigeria, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and more.

For nearly a year now, we have been meeting every second week, preparing collaboratively toolkits that will help organizations drive KM excellence based on the ISO30401 standard.

Our toolbox will include four toolkits:

  • Resources: Lists of all known organizations that have been certified; of KM ISO30401 auditors; free webinars and videos on the standard; etc. DONE.

  • ADVANCED KM tool kit: Including guidelines and templates for organizations with an advanced KM program and want to translate it to the "ISO" language with minimal effort. DONE.

  • KM COMPASS toolkit: Including guidelines and templates for organizations somewhere on the KM journey that want to evaluate themselves and upgrade their KM program towards excellence and possible future certification. DONE. Today we finished packaging the toolkit!

Where are we heading to?

We are starting to work on the last toolkit for ISO30401 beginners. It will include a set of presentations and short videos explaining the standard. Back to today. We are mainly proud and satisfied.

You are all welcome to start using it and sending us feedback- whether questions, comments, or just sharing how it helps.

Because the new KM is about doing more together in collaboration, not only within our team but across units, organizations, and cultures.

The toolkit can be accessed Here

 Thank you Vincent Ribiere, Ian Fry, Khattab Salman, David Lamotte, Lucky Esa, Dr. Molly Chaudhuri, Ved Prakash,Seyyed Hamid Abbasi,Khawaja Asif Mushtaq, SPHRi, SHRM-SCP, Lead Auditor and all the others. Good we have Knowledge Management Global Network

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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