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Facebook has changed its algorithm in an attempt to reduce Spam and Fake News

1 August 2017
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Facebook actively and automatically manages the content of our news feed via their advanced algorithm which is based on many variables and determines which post should be displayed on our news feed and in what level of probability. Some statistics show that a standard published post which does not bear any unique properties which would have affected its level of exposure, will appear only on 17% said post publisher's feeds. We also know that a post's main properties which affect this datum are first and foremost the properties of the responses to this post: 'Like', 'Share' or 'Comment'. These, as well as the number of clicks on links displayed in said post, enhance its level of exposure.

Other such characteristics include OP's number of friends and level of popularity, said post's connection to previous posts and amount of previous posts. Facebook constantly encourages users to publish more posts. More than all aforementioned factors, one can also simply pay Facebook to 'boost' the post.

So, what change exactly has been announced?

Facebook has announced it is changing its news feed algorithm; it is no longer prioritizing posts published by users posting more than 50 posts a day due to studies which have shown that in most cases the content of these frequent posts are "low quality links" i.e. links to either ads or spam. Thus, notwithstanding the prominence of the approach that encourages posting there is still an opposing "post less" approach. This approach insinuates that quality is indeed more important than quantity.

On 30.6.2017, Facebook published the following official notice:

"Today we are making an update to help reduce low quality links in News Feed. We are always working to improve people’s experience in News Feed by showing more stories that we think people will find informative and entertaining... "

How will this change affect our personal experience?

Well, we'll simply have to wait and see…

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