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Enhancing Collaboration Through the Power of Storytelling

16 May 2023
Dr. Moria Levy
Two children in the field, reading a book.

Twenty years ago, incorporating storytelling into the business context seemed unlikely. However, today we recognize the effectiveness of using stories to convey messages, foster empathy, and enhance collaboration. The importance of stories in collaboration became evident during today's session led by Arthur Shelley in the Knowledge Management Global Network course.

My Key Takeaways:

Building Trust and Connection: Stories not only convey messages but also create an atmosphere of trust and connection. By utilizing storytelling, collaboration objectives can be approached collectively and effectively.

Technological Enhancements: In the new collaboration era, technology can be harnessed to craft compelling stories. Tools like Miro enable leveraging of collective wisdom to shape messages and plots. Chat GPT can provide insights and suggestions for enhancing such a script. Platforms like Pictory can transform the script into engaging videos, creating a more impactful and enjoyable collaboration experience.

Embracing storytelling as a tool for collaboration can yield powerful outcomes. Utilizing technology and adopting storytelling techniques can create an environment that encourages collaboration, enhances understanding, and strengthens relationships.

And as a bonus, it does it all faster, so we have more time for pizza, friends, or even if we really want- for working more on other issues.

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