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Encouraging organizations with KM to consider the ISO30401 KM standard

1 November 2021
Dr. Moria Levy

Knowledge Management was never easy to implement. That is probably an understanding agreed upon by all of us dealing with this fascinating discipline. However, if you already have a rich KM program in your organization, continuing to the ISO 30401 KM standard may be easier than you think. Much easier. So yesterday, we met again, knowledge management advocates scattered all over the globe- Australia, Frace, Iran, Thailand, Jordan, Indonesia, and Israel, continuing our journey towards ISO 30401 implementation worldwide. Knowledge Managers in organizations are always busy with more tasks than time. Why would they want to implement a KM standard, we asked ourselves. The reasons can vary. Some may do it for recognition, inside the organization, or among the KM community. But the main reason is probably different. Knowledge Managers understand that implementing the standard may help them in the organizational KM journey.

First, implementing a standard “forces” the management of the KM efforts and therefore pushes the program forward.

Furthermore, the standard requires continual improvement of KM and therefore drives KM excellence. In addition, knowledge managers realize that implementation of the standard enables them to better benchmark their organizational activity with that of other organizations, everyone speaking in the same language and approach. It guides the direction of those who are at a starting point. And last but not least, it enables better collaboration of knowledge managers in different organizations, all being on the same page.

So if you are a beginner- try implementation to know what and how good KM works; If you have a program, implement it to benchmark and bench learn. And if you are really in a good place already- ask for certification. It will help us move our world together to a more knowledge-based place. It is our responsibility.

This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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