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Embracing Technology for Collaboration

1 March 2023

Dr. Moria Levy

Experiencing nearly 25 years in the knowledge management discipline, we were educated to minimize the technology aspect of KM as part of our understanding of the central role of culture. When it comes to collaboration, there is no doubt, so were we used to think culture is king and technology mainly a distraction. When screens split us, of course, we less sense each other; when we communicate through emails and not in person, it never is the same.

Today in the Knowledge Management Global Network course on the new collaboration, we discussed the ways to embrace technology, understanding it is a friend, not an enemy.

There are so many ways that technology can boost collaboration: By using gestures, having a proper blend of digital channels for communication, digital gamification, online minutes of meetings, online translation, and more.

But please, don't rush and do it all.

Stop, think, and analyze your team's specific collaboration challenges.

Design your structured digital strategy.

If you do so, you have a good chance of boosting collaboration and better achieving its business goals.

And on the way, don't forget to involve all collaboration members. The humans and the new teammate- ChatGPT. It has a great deal to contribute if we communicate with it properly and give it the relevant tasks.


This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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