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1 August 2013
Elad Piran
student and computer

It is a well know fact that workers of the new generation hardly have any time. They may find the time for work, maybe even a coffee break (hardly). They have nearly no time to deal with things beside work. They hardly have time to read this paragraph!

On the other hand, workers of the new generation constantly need information, knowledge, and learning. This seems paradoxical.


What is the solution?

New Generation workers invent solutions. For example:

  • No time to read a book? That's fine. You can listen to an audio file, or watch the movie.

  • No time to search for professional information at the library? No problem, you can find it on the internet.

  • No time to study a course due to travel, sitting in a classroom, or uncomfortable hours? That's fine; just join a computerized E-learning course.


The need

Do you wish to learn something new? Do you have a "How to" question that needs to be answered? Nowadays, you don't need to Google the question and rummage through the results, reading long documents. The answer can probably be found by searching YouTube.


Examples of E-learning:

If you want to read more about Peter Drucker's philosophy, click here.

If you want to learn how to set up a SharePoint website, click here or here.

If you wish to cook a delicious meal, for pasta with Chef Segev click here, for a tutorial by Chef Gordon Ramsey click here.

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