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Digital Nomad: Digital tools for beginner nomads

1 February 2020
Chezky Shneller
man working outdoors

Organizations and companies understand that the square thinking dictating that workers must come to work at an office every day is a thing of the past. Once, workers indeed needed their position and environment in order to do their job. Nowadays, with the entire world connected and most of the work done with computers, there are many digital tools and technologies that enable remote work in nearly any field. Workers seek wealth and opt for working outside an office in both a different environment and usually different work hours.

One of these phenomena is known as the Digital Nomad phenomenon, around which a great community is constructed as well as international internet meetings.

According to Wikipedia, " Digital nomads are a type of people who use telecommunications technologies to earn a living and, more generally, conduct their life in a nomadic manner ". These people actually have decided to be referred to by a term that doesn't always ring as positive: a nomad.

The Israeli nomadic community is comprised of over ten thousand members which seemingly have almost nothing in common. One sits in his hometown café, while the other sits on beaches. However, they both choose to work from afar and conduct meetings through tools such as Skype, Zoom, etc.

Some companies even take pride in their lack of physical offices. They do, however, require all workers to meet frontally once in a while. Some large websites concentrate lots of information nomads might find useful. The largest of these websites is

In order to successfully manage such companies, or to allow workers to do their job despite obvious distractions, several digital tools help workers stay organized and self-disciplined. Furthermore, efficiency and clear rules are required: where and how are products stored, how to follow the content, and how to stay up to date with these technologies and master them. Each organization has its methods and definitions according to company policy which update policy according to the current zeitgeist.

I am a member of several groups. One recommends digital tools and explains how to operate them, while the other recommends workspaces and supports members in all areas of life.

Hereby is a short review and introduction to a number of useful tools that nomad groups use. These tools can benefit everyone, simplifying their daily conduct.



every job involves charging customers and keeping tabs on time invested. Toggle is a cloud software with a website and PC/mobile app. It is simple and useful: a button to start the clock running and another to make it stop. It creates reports according to customers, projects, hours, keywords, etc.

Its free version is fine, organizations and companies require a fee.

For virtual meetings, there's Zoom.

Zoom is a large and well-known company. Nearly every organization has either checked out or purchased their product. The product requires downloading the software to the device and enables multiparty video conferences. These meetings can be recorded and include features such as screen sharing. It relies on an internet infrastructure.

WhatsApp is more suitable for internet video conversations involving few participants. There are also other products in this field, such as Google's Meet and Teams found in Microsoft's 365.file storage cloud

This field features a number of familiar products. I assume you've used at least one of the following platforms. These platforms can be accessed via mobile, browser and PC.

Google Drive: Google's cloud which every user is granted access to when opening a Gmail account. The drive itself contains several products that serve as alternatives to the regular office.

Dropbox: a classic, folder-based product. Dropbox has recently collaborated with Microsoft, enabling documents to be edited directly from the cloud using the 365. Its advantage is the comfortable setting it provides for units to work collaboratively.

OneDrive: Microsoft's cloud, which enables integration with Microsoft's tools and the Windows framework. Its second advantage is the fact that many organizations use it.




An automation tool that has gained momentum in recent years and enables a simple connection for recurring tasks. For example, when an email containing an invoice, the system will activate a trigger that will file it in the drive's invoice folder. Thus, at the end of the month you can share your folder with your accountant. This tool has over 1500 products comprising a comfortable interface making work easier and more efficient without requiring any code.



Another automation tool, it is Zapier's greatest competition and equally recommended, focusing on interface and comfort.


Personal information management


A fairly effective tool that recently returned in many groups. It allows workers to save websites and articles they've read according to subject, task list, sticky notes, project management, knowledgebase and several other criteria. It even allows you to set up and publish a simple blog/website.


Basic design


A useful tool in everyday life, Canva enables simple design using premade size templates and requirements according to selected media (Facebook, website, banner, etc.) thus attaining a fair performance level. That said, if a professional level is required, design personnel should be contacted.


Digital nomad

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