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Digital Marketing done the right way

1 February 2019

Yael Peichich

Every organization, regardless of its size, needs as much internet promotion, marketing and branding as possible. Exposure attracts attention and raises awareness of your business. Like any other marketing/advertising method, the goal is to attract potential customers' attention.

Digital Marketing is a precise, interactive and quantifiable method of marketing of products or services. It utilizes digital technologies to gain new leads and turn them into customers.

Digital marketing exploits all possible digital activities in order to advance businesses toward a clear objective, by specifically reaching out to the target audience. Digital Marketing considers the individual exposed to its message and manages a sales campaign from said exposure to the purchase.

Here are some tips that can help you implement this method optimally:

  1. Be present where your potential customers can be found:

Before choosing marketing channels (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram or all of the above), check where your specific audience is active. You can do this by presenting new customers with a questionnaire and using periodic data on the various social networks. Relying on the accumulated data, choose at least two marketing channels and utilize them consistently.

  1. Don't advertise aimlessly- each advertisement must have its purpose

Before advertising, review whether it serves your goals. The objective can be exposing the product, personal sharing, promoting sales, etc. Successful Digital Marketing depends on content that combines the various goals, adds value and curiosity to followers and doesn't focus solely on sales and explicit interests.

  1. Sponsored promotion

While sponsored promotion is vital, timing is a crucial factor. Things must be done at the right time and place. Sponsored Google ads or Facebook posts are an important component of Digital Marketing and it is possible, for a reasonable price, to reach the right target audience. It is important to focus on a keyword or phrase that characterized the target audience you wish to reach. An ad leading to a strategic landing page can be worth the financial investment.

  1. Mailing lists are necessary

Mailing lists are a necessary tool for maintaining a connection with customers and those following your activity. A mailing list allows you to send messages to customers that can be reached only via email, since they aren't members of nay social network.

  1. Digital maintenance

Your goal is exposure, which is attained gradually. It is vital to maintain the digital channels on a regular basis so that potential customers remain aware of your products and services. Even if one of the products/ads is irrelevant to customers, another might interest them.


In conclusion, the more prepared you are for the campaign and are ready to create and upload quality content to the web, the better results and wider exposure you will receive. Before embarking on this campaign, lay a firm web infrastructure and visibility so that the exposure is indeed effective. Plan each step and remember- there is a direct correlation between the amount of uploaded content and exposure/marketing of your product and organization.

I wish you luck!

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