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Dark Mode

1 November 2021
Meirav Barsadeh

Dark Mode is an adjustment in the design of digital user interfaces which has become increasingly popular in recent years and seems to be here to stay. Dark mode entails the system using a dark color palette for all screens, displays, menus, and commands as well as changing the display setting to dark.

This mode has several advantages:

  • It improves the text display for both Smartphone and computer

  • It highlights contrast optimally

  • It’s easy on the eye for long screen sessions

  • It’s battery efficient

More and more apps and websites have begun to implement design compatible with Dark Mode, mainly to highlight the content due to the dark backdrop. In these cases, we can expect large, highlighted fonts, use of bold- even neon- text colors, white elements, and many more.

When should one use Dark Mode design?

  • When there is less text than pictures or icons

  • When there are few elements spread out spaciously

  • When highlighting one element on the page

The goal: to make the view easy on the users’ eyes and keep them in front of the screen for the longest time possible.

When considering combining both dark and light elements in your design:

  • Make sure that the design works well with both styles, as it might suit only one. If necessary, the design can be altered to create two separate designs, each featuring a single style.

  • Ensure that the content remains readable during Dark Mode; increase contrast and reduce transparency accordingly.

  • Consider adapting this mode’s design for the visually impaired

It might seem like a fashion trend, but you cannot deny that in terms of design, the contrast of most colors on a black backdrop looks much better than when displayed on a white one- which makes colors such as green and yellow practically vanish.

On a personal note, it took me some time to get used to the change, and there are some apps that don’t work optimally in Dark Mode (especially regarding color selections which are sometimes derived from the brand colors). That said, I usually feel that the immediate reward- the easier read- is substantial, as it allows me to comfortably use the screen for long sessions.

If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend trying Dark Mode. You just might love it as much as I do!


dark mode on smartphones
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