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Customization and Personalization

1 September 2007
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When referring to a portal, we use the professional terms 'customization' and 'personalization'. What does this pair of terms refer to and why is it so vital in the portal context? Unfortunately, there are a number of contradictory interpretations to this couple. What we will hereby define here as customization is defined by some (yet few) software suppliers as personalization. Nevertheless, there is no reason to remain confused. Understanding the essence of these terms well ease utilizing them wisely as well as easily realize you've simply encountered who has decided to use the opposite interpretation prior to the age of standardization.

Customization- adapting the portal by the organization according to the needs of its subgroups. This adaption is created through authorization and investing resources in unique sub-portals and/or by constructs pages adapted for the group's use in the manner the content is edited. The main point is that the adaption/adjustment is performed by the big brother organization.

Personalization- adapting the portal by the individual to his/her needs. This level is built on top of the customization level according to the authorizations provided and pages constructed for the group during the previous phase and which now allow the individual to:

  • Provide a personal touch.

  • Refine the portal to suit his/her needs.

If the customization is done properly, the required level of personalization will be low. Why are these abilities so important?

Because they serve as the basis for the portal adjusted in aspects of both structure and content to the needs of each functionary and individual in the organization.

In other words, personal adjustment and collective adjustment are the basis for an effective portal.

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