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Connecting the dots

25 April 2023
Dr. Moria Levy
partially connected dots in the sky drawing some lines

Effective connection is both a critical and a key success factor for collaboration.

The problem is that, besides the shared objective the collaboration serves, people also have their own agendas and interests, some easy to spot and address, others hidden. Hidden agendas may seem less important, and we think that maybe we can ignore them; not recommended! It may slow progress and harm trust.

To address this, step one is to conduct a stakeholder interests analysis, identifying both overt and covert interests. Step two is to build long-term strategies that align with common interests, thereby fostering a more collaborative environment. By taking these two steps, we can free up time from managing collaboration and focus on actually doing it and even enjoying it.

Working with people we trust creates a sense of security, and incorporating gamification can further enhance collaboration by breaking down barriers and fostering creativity and new ideas. The facilitator plays a crucial role in balancing control and socialization, acting as the secret ingredient that can turn a slow ship into a burning rocket.

Special thanks to @Olga Smirnov and @Madan Rao from the @Knowledge Management Global Network New Collaboration course for connecting the dots and presenting an impressive image of successful connection and collaboration.

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