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Claude: A Chatbot Championing Human Values

1 November 2023

Anat Bielsky

The realm of AI-based chatbot tools is continually evolving, with several leading options available in the market today:


LLM: GPT-3.5, GPT-4

Chatbot: ChatGPT


LLM: Palm 2

Chatbot: Bard


LLM: Claude 2

Chatbot: Claude


LLM: Liama 2

Chatbot: --

Previous articles in our monthly magazine discuss ChatGPT and Bard's capabilities.

In this article, our primary focus will be on Anthropic's Chatbot "Claude". Anthropic is an AI startup, founded in 2021 by former employees of OpenAI who played a significant role in developing the GPT-2 and GPT-3 models.

Like other AI-based chatbot tools, Claude is also built upon the foundation of a Large Language Model (LLM). These models are potent neural networks, capable of generating natural language texts based on the input they receive. The models are trained on vast amounts of textual data. In Claude's case, this amounts to more than 52 billion parameters. In contrast, ChatGPT, built upon GPT-4, boasts an estimated 1.76 trillion parameters. This increased parameter count in GPT-4 enhances its knowledge base, making it more informative and better suited for tasks that demand creativity, thus having more comprehensive understanding of complex instructions.

What are Claude's capabilities?

Content Accountability: Claude operates on principles of universal human values, including integrity and human dignity. This approach ensures that Claude provides helpful assistance without causing harm through the following means:

  • Filtering Harmful Content: Claude employs filters to prevent displaying harmful, dangerous, or illegal information, making it impossible to recommend unethical or illegal actions.

  • Non-Generation of Harmful Content: Claude does not generate potentially harmful content, such as disinformation, inflammatory material, or content that violates privacy.

  • Referring Users to Human Help: If the tool detects a user in distress, it gently advises them to seek assistance from a qualified human.

  • Refusal of Harmful Actions: If asked to perform an action that may cause harm, Claude refuses and explains the refusal.

  • Protecting User Privacy: Claude does not store personal or private information about users, and conversations are automatically deleted.

  • Human Control: There is close human oversight of the tool's behavior and content, to ensure continued safety.

  • Fairness and Anti-Bias: Claude is designed to be fair and unbiased, avoiding judgments or discrimination and not making assumptions based on stereotypes or prejudices.

Document Analysis: Claude's notable advantage lies in its ability to analyze lengthy texts, even the length of an entire book. Additionally, it allows the comparison of several text files within the chat. While currently efficient at comparing 2-3 documents (up to 5 files can be uploaded), the process becomes more complex and slower as more documents are added.

Proficiency in Less Common Languages, such as Hebrew: Claude excels in handling the complex morphological structure of Hebrew. It offers the following capabilities:

  • Recognizing Common Phrases, Slang, and Spelling Mistakes in spoken Hebrew, and adjusting responses accordingly.

  • Hebrew Text Production: Composing correct and clear sentences and texts in Hebrew, following grammar, punctuation, and language rules.

  • Emotion Recognition: Identifying various emotions in Hebrew texts (joy, sadness, anger, etc.).

  • Cultural Adaptation: Familiarity with Israeli culture and context, allowing Claude to tailor responses and recommendations accordingly.

  • Metaphors and Phrases: Recognizing metaphors, idiomatic expressions, slang, and humor in Hebrew, and using them as needed.

Transparency: Users can receive explanations on how the tool generated its responses and the assumptions it relied on.

Content Creation: Like ChatGPT, Claude can generate new and creative content from lengthy texts. Moreover, it can write code, debug, analyze raw data, and transform it into insights.

ChatGPT boasts numerous advantages, primarily from the vast data used for its training. This extensive dataset enhances the tool's potential for greater creativity. Additionally, ChatGPT offers a variety of add-ons that enable its application in diverse activities.

Conversely, Claude distinguishes itself through its unique capabilities. These include proficient text summarization and the ability to generate substantial volumes of content. Claude excels in handling the Hebrew language, utilizing artificial intelligence that prioritizes responsibility and alignment with human values.


Claude Pro vs. ChatGPT

Claude 2

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