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Chatbots: Can virtual experiences possibly replace reality?

1 September 2017
Revital Elazar
online chat

Companies are interested in implementing new technologies in order to enable their clients to interact with their brand as they please. Clients usually perform extensive independent research before contacting a company regarding a potential purchase or a service representative.

The relationship between brands and their customers is about to undergo a technological revolution resulting in a massive decrease of the scope of human interaction. These changes are derived from the rise of social, digital and portable platforms which in turn led to the public preferring self-service than directly interacting with the brand.

Those who follow technological changes and remain updated regarding the latest innovations have probably encountered the term "Chatbot", i.e. a computerized robot that can converse with a human via a chat interface. The Chatbot serves as a virtual assistant available 24/7 that can simultaneously serve numerous inquiries. It can perform various activities by providing a quick and focused response, supporting sales processes, customer service, tech support, etc.

Take a quick glance at your Smartphone. What three apps do you use most frequently? The answer probably includes at least one IM application.

Over 2.5 Billion people have installed at least one messaging app. In fact, the number of IM apps users has exceeded that of social networking apps' users. In short: you spend a large portion of your time using messaging applications- no wonder businesses and services wish to approach you in this virtual environment.

During this past year (since Facebook opened its Messenger to Chatbot developers), more than 34,000 bots have been constructed; tens of thousands are being constructed as you read this review.

Throughout the world (including Israel) Bots are presenting a substantial improvement in the relationship between businesses and clients; the Bots also save precious time, enhance marketing performance, increase sales percentages, optimize customer service and generally positively affect customers' level of satisfaction.

Many global corporations are beginning to realize the potential of utilizing Chatbots for their businesses, including, for example, American Express, Pizza Hut and Amazon which are all using this technology in order to address customers inquiries, simplify the sales process and attain new advantages in their respective markets. This is applicable to small businesses as well; even a local business can benefit from utilizing a Chatbot.

Here are some ways you can enhance you own business using this technology.


One example of a successful chatbot is its implementation in the field of tourism. features a chatbot that can assist users in finding relevant flights and hotels by allowing users to send their location and receive authorization. The chatbot then suggests various vacationing location and/or resorts. Once a location is chosen, the chatbot presents the flight price so that you expect it, then follows with a series of questions. Based on your answers, the chatbot will display a number of possible flights, prices, departure dates and details regarding the flight. This will enable you to book the most affordable flight for you via

Of course, there are many more similar examples.


So, what exactly are the advantages of utilizing a chatbot?

You might be asking what the Chabot can possibly contribute to my business. Well, here are just a few ways this technology can benefit your business:

  • Customer service Chatbot- using AI, Chatbots can easily converse with consumers (they can also comprehend vocal nuances in human speech), offer solutions for various problems and answer standard question Of course, nothing beats human interaction but robots can serve as the first point of interaction between the costumer and your business. If you are looking for new ways to provide excellent customer service, it is well worthwhile to consider using Chatbots.

  • Personal assistant: a chatbot fashioned as a personal assistant can guide your consumers when looking for a certain item according to their personal preferences.

  • Marketing Chatbots: a chatbot can take your order; then suggest paying for it via text message. Snapchat launched Snapchash, a virtual 'wallet' that enables keeping users' credit card details and enables them to send money via a simple message.

It is worth noting that a Chatbot can benefit organizational websites and internal portal, raising and improving their response ratio by tens of percentages.

Here's something to consider for your own business.

I wish you luck.

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