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CDO: Chief Digital Officer

1 October 2018

A Chief Digital Officer (or CDO) is an officiary responsible for converting traditional "analog" businesses into digital businesses while using online technologies (i.e. digital transformation). The CDO's position is considered a meaningful and prominent position in the organization's top management level. It is usually positioned in the marketing or communication department or in a specifically designated department.

Digital Management is a relatively new field that reinvents itself on the move. During its two decades of existence, the field has gone through a meaningful perceptual change. If at its beginning the main criteria for this position were technical knowledge and information analysis skills, the current requirements are extensive and updated business/marketing knowledge.

In practice, a CDO is a multidisciplinary manager. They deal with content but is also responsible for the technology- the various digital channels through which this content is transferred; they are experts on information, but also must understand internet marketing (critical for extra-organizational content).

A CDO must also possess management skills, the ability to share information, to be open to innovation as well as seek innovation constantly.

Furthermore, the position requires:

  • An understanding of advertisement- Google, Facebook, and other channels

  • A comprehension of analytics and analytical abilities

  • Being goal-oriented

  • An understanding of the technology at hand and how to import new technologies in order to improve the organization

  • Project leading and management skills

  • Supplier management skills

The CDO's areas of responsibility vary and are still developing. They include the following areas:

  • Designing the organization's digital policy

  • Responsibility for advertising via the digital channels

  • Maintaining the organization's digital assets

  • Operating internet teams

  • Studying leading tools and platforms

  • Idea and strategy developing skills beside the ability to implement them

  • Knowledge of planning, marketing, advertising and quality monitoring methodologies for effective digital management

 Nowadays 45% of the global organizations employ a CDO and others are set to doing so in the near future.

Is this position set to take on a more permanent form or will it change substantially? No one knows; only time will tell.

For further reading:

'Hello Chief!'- What is a Chief Digital Officer? By Hadas Gil, ROM Knowledgeware


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