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Building Adaptability: Acknowledging Differences

1 June 2022
Dr. Moria Levy
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Agility is one of our new trendy terms in organizations. We all understand that the external world is changing all the time, faster, and in more crazy ways than we could imagine. We acknowledge the importance of being agile. The question is, how?

How can we become more adaptable so we can turn flexible, shifting our patterns to deal in a better and more profound way with the bursting changes and challenges?

Today on our KMGN KM advanced methodologies from Australia led us through a session on becoming adaptable.

My takeaway:


In today's session, Arthur has presented a somewhat surprising way to build adaptability, following his new book on this topic.

To develop our adaptable capability, we talk with other people; we converse—nothing new here. But… when we listen to others, we should highlight and acknowledge the differences between the different people. We are used to looking for common understandings. That is nice and gives everybody a good feeling. However, it leaves us on a superficial level. If we want to really improve our mental flexibility, and if we want to become adaptable to changes and new ideas, we should not settle for that. We are called to search for differences while respecting others’ perspectives. We are called to understand these differences and what stands behind them (rational). There are additional steps- but this is the core; this is the magic. Acknowledging the differences, understanding where they come from, and comprising.

This way, our mind turns more flexible, enabling each of us to develop new ideas better; this way, we can better collaborate and engage with others and together to co-create much better and more profound. Hallelujah.

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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