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Appropriate titles for increased exposure

1 July 2020
Igal Berman
woman reading newspaper

In today's digital world, everything changes and moves extremely quickly. However, what has not changed is everyone striving for exposure and increasing it. Exposure is important in the digital field, in advertisement, in marketing, and the intra-organizational field. Everyone wants to more customers to be exposed to their content.

This meant that for your video to stick out, it must be unique so to catch users' eye. One way to attract the user is using odd number, since studies show that the human brain pays more attention to them.


 So, you might be posting a video explaining how to prepare a document or different ways to improve some work method in the organizational world. This video's title should include an odd number and an apt description. For example, '7 time-saving methods' or '5 creative ways to prepare a document'. This will get the users' attention.

In conclusion, put some thought into the title of the videos you post and use odd numbers.

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