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AI as means to better knowledge in organizations

1 July 2021
Dr. Moria Levy
 Dr. Tony Rhem

KMGN- KM AI course, session 15. Today we met Dr. Tony Rhem, a thought leader in both KM and AI disciplines. Tony presents his understanding as to the KM staff role in AI project: "The emerging challenge in organizations is to derive meaningful insights from available data, information and knowledge" he shares. These can serve as the base for organizational decision-making and business performance. Knowledge management plays a crucial role in such projects: The KMrs are familiar with the business, with the data, and with the cleansing methods. They understand how knowledge flows in the organization, what data will really contribute to decision-making and what processes should be accomplished to collect the data, cleanse it, and integrate it. They are even familiar with existing biases.

Are there challenges? Of course: organizations initiate AI projects and bring in software without understanding the discipline. Organizational education turns to be part of the job performed in parallel to running the project itself. The staff, too many times does not have the required skill sets. And the data... never as they expect it to be.

And our concern as KMrs: The knowledge manager is usually not recognized as a valuable asset that should be part of the AI team. What does Tony suggest? Addressing senior management. Speaking with them about AI in terms of knowledge. In these cases, he finds it rather easy to, later on, add the knowledge manager to the team, as it is considered core. How easy- power in the tip of our wording.

So let's start speaking and communicating AI as means to better KNOWLEDGE in organizations.

 This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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