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A summary of “On writing” by Michal Blumenfeld

1 May 2016
Michal Blumenfeld Sagi

Michal’s article inspired me in three 3 fields which are actually my three areas of profession. This led me to understand that all creative fields operate similarly:

The writing process is similar to a choreography creative process, working from the inside outwards; if during the creative process I consider how it might seem to spectators my inspiration will instantly disappear. Yet if I initially create freely I can later edit, alter and refine the choreography for public display. I am a firm believer in inner beauty radiating outwards.

Also as an instruction developer and KM consultant, my writing process is similar to other writing. Occasionally I find myself reaching out for the right phrasing or explanation. This is the point when (according to Michal) one should free the mind from the reader and write from the gut. Only then can we move on to the next stage, i.e. considering others, appearance, rules, display etc.


What does this all have to do with Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management usually deals with content. What will we manage if not content? I believe that we should invest in our writing as it is the most basic phase of our work process. Even when writing purely professional content, if we first write what lies inside and only then edit, the content will be more interesting and authentic. Furthermore, we won’t get stuck as much.

Imagine writing down your dreams; how fascinating and enticing.

The summary you are reading was written using these two phases as well!


Michal’s article contains great writing tips from which I have personally benefited. I recommend it to anyone writing either professional, artistical, instruction or marketing-oriented texts wishing to invest in their authenticity and flow.

This process is fertile for both writers and readers.

Thank you, Michal!

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