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A Holistic Approach to Lessons Learned for Continual Improvement

1 March 2022

Dr. Moria Levy

We all want to excel. Continual improvement is a great way to improve ourselves, again and again, towards the top. Debriefing, systematically learning from our activities is a great way to continual improvement. So why we don't do it more? What holds us as organizations from learning more?

KMGN course, session 6. Today we focused on what happens with the lessons the day after they are created. We think that if we create them, distribute them, and insert them into SOPs, all will turn good. Too many times, however, this is not the situation.

I led the session based on the book I wrote: A holistic approach to lessons learned.

The idea in a nutshell: To turn lessons into lessons learned (those who drive behavior and performance), we must manage a complete lifecycle of the lessons:

  1. Manage the lessons in a separate knowledge base, including the good practices we developed as bottom lines.

  2. Improve these lessons according to some agreed rules.

  3. Embed the knowledge in the organization: In organizational routines, processes, and digital platforms.

Thank you, RINAT SALEM, from the Jerusalem Municipality, for sharing your case study.

This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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