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A Call for Collaboration: Advancing Knowledge Management Globally

1 January 2022

Dr. Moria Levy

Dear Knowledge Managers around the world,

As 2022 starts, I will start serving as the new chair of KMGN, the KM global network for KM co-operation and collaboration of associations and countries.

Knowledge Management as a discipline has been with us for nearly 30 years and yet Is far from being acknowledged and respected as one could expect. Knowledge, in this century, is one of the main assets driving the world and driving organizations, and Knowledge Management is an engine driving performance and organizational growth.

We should not complain as to why the world is rushing to implement. The responsibility is ours:

To turn KM into an easy-to-understand term and discipline.

To achieve, despite the complexity, fast outcomes.

To offer more advanced solutions, embedded with innovational technologies and other new ideas.

And to provide organizations a better value proposition.

The mission is not that simple.

But as we know, together we can accomplish more. Much more.

I call all KMers around the globe:

If you are not yet part of the KM global network, ask your countries and associations to join KMGN.

Join our courses, taking the discipline to new advanced places.

Join our teams discussing ISO30401 implementation or other ad-hoc teams uniting KMers from all over the world.

Share ideas on how we can do better, convince and implement.

Together we can and will succeed in making this world a better one, improving its wealth through the KM value proposition.

Happy new year,


This post was initially published in LinkedIn

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