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200 Issues!

1 May 2016
Lior Moran

Welcome to the 200th edition of ROM's Knowledge Management monthly publication. While it may appear to be just another milestone, it represents much more. Throughout the past 17 years, each month has witnessed the dissemination of knowledge management methodologies to approximately 2,000 readers.

To mark this special occasion, commemorating the 200th edition, I've opted to reflect on our origins. This entails the inception of this publication, the genesis of ROM, and its foray into knowledge management.

For those unfamiliar with it, ROM was initially conceived as a software house operating under ROM Technologies. It wasn't until about two months later that it rebranded as ROM Knowledgeware. Initially, the company's focus was predominantly technical. Moria Levy, the CEO and founder of ROM, with a background in mathematics and computers and extensive involvement in software since the early 1980s, made the pivotal decision in 1988 to embark on her software venture.

Fate intervened when Moria was approached to undertake a knowledge management project, despite her initial reservations stemming from her perception of ROM solely as a software company. However, she embraced the project after researching and recognizing the synergy between the two fields.

At a crucial juncture, Moria Levy, our visionary founder, faced a significant decision: should she adhere to her original vision of a software company or pivot towards specializing in knowledge management, a relatively obscure niche at the time? Her courage and foresight led her to choose the latter, a decision that would shape ROM's trajectory and inspire us all.

As the saying goes, the rest is history. Today, ROM stands as the foremost knowledge management company in the country, with some even suggesting it ranks among the global leaders. But to us, ROM is more than just a company; it's a family. With a team of 28 employees who feel more like 28 brothers and sisters, we stand united in our journey of growth and success.

Here's to the next milestone: eagerly anticipating the 300th edition and the continued growth of our extended family.

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