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200 Already...

1 May 2016
Sagit Salmon
a person reading the news

I've been with ROM for nearly a decade now. Ever since I commenced my tenure at the company, my role has predominantly involved crafting articles for the newspaper. We all contribute through our writing, specializing in our respective areas, sharing experiences, and meticulously documenting our knowledge. Naturally, I also read the newspaper, deriving insights from the articles. They serve as conduits to new realms in knowledge management, allowing me to both broaden and deepen my understanding within familiar domains.

Beyond mere academic or professional interest, I derive genuine pleasure from reading. Indeed, you've encountered pieces that resonate so deeply that you wish you had penned them yourself. In celebration of the paper's 200th issue, I selected an article I appreciated. However, I found it impossible to choose just one. The articles closest to my heart are those that weave narratives, drawing from personal experiences, transporting me beyond the confines of the workplace, or delving into subjects I'm well-versed in, yet managing to reveal facets I hadn't considered.

Thus, I opted to revisit a selection of these pieces, spanning not just the recent years but beyond.

From Clothes to Files: Why We All Hate Organizing (But Here's How to Do It Anyway)

An enduringly relevant article parallels document management in a small organization and organizing clothes in a personal closet. This piece offers fundamental tips for managing documents within such contexts.

TagThis- Taming the Digital Jungle with Keywords & Colorful Clouds

I appreciated the article, and not solely due to its title. It adeptly elucidates the concept of tagging and tag clouds clearly and logically, portraying them as pivotal tools for accessing organizational knowledge.

Dust cleaning

This article embodies a procedure and delves into a topic many of us tend to avoid—procedures. It outlines a method that enhances the structure and writing of organizational procedures, thereby elevating their perception.

Ensuring safe Wisdom of the Crowds

An intriguing and thought-provoking examination of the ubiquitous term "wisdom of the masses."

Email marketing – how do you do it right?

We're regularly inundated with marketing information. I scrutinize the information I receive critically, evaluating its content and presentation. The article presents straightforward and logical tips for crafting and disseminating email campaigns.

Dave's not here: Knowledge Retention.

Preserving employee knowledge from a realistic and slightly amusing perspective illuminates a significant and weighty issue within organizations.

In conclusion, the chosen articles remain relevant today, demonstrating that amidst the perpetual evolution and innovation in knowledge management, numerous areas necessitate attention at any given time and stage of the organization's lifecycle.

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