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2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
February 2019 - Magazine No. 233
February 2019 - Magazine No. 233
Written By Moran Maravi


My previous pieces on video content discussed combining video and Knowledge Management (click here), tips for writing a script for your short video (click here), tips for video filming (click here), platforms designed for video management in organizations (click here), reviewed different ways to leverage video as a learning channel (click here) and discussed the importance of leveraging video as an intra-organizational strategic channel (click here).


Incorporating video content as a complementary tool for organizational Knowledge Management processes can enhance the effectiveness of organizational knowledge implementation. For example, incorporating short video segments of workers sharing their personal experience of using insights managed in the database can add a personal quality. Furthermore, it can both assist in clarifying the necessity of these insights and encouraging others to make use of them. Videos can also be used as a tool for distributing knowledge to workers spread out across the country or globe. This serves as a quick and easy way for workers to access knowledge, compared to reading a new procedure or frontal tutorial. Plus, it saves time and money while raising the chances the information will be implemented.


Before we review useful video-editing software, let's review some statistics concerning video content on the internet:

  • 82% of Twitter users consume video content via Twitter
  • YouTube has more than a billion users, which are nearly a third of all internet users.
  • 45% of internet users watch approximately an hour of video each week (via Facebook/YouTube).
  • 72 hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube every 60 seconds
  • Marketers that make use of video content to promote their product have grown 49% more than those that do not.

I will not tire you with more statistics. I will however state that the forecast for 2019 is that 80% of all internet traffic will be dedicated to video watching. So, if your KM strategy for this coming year doesn't involve any video elements, now is the time to consider introducing this medium to your toolbox. This might not seem an issue worth a substantial investment compared to more pressing and important areas of your business/organization. That is a legitimate concern. You can, however, start off with making some video content using simple editing software for beginners.


  1. iMovie by Apple: designed for Mac users yet available for iPhone or iPad users (via a designated app). This software's main advantage is that one can film a video with their iPhone/iPad and transfer it to their Mac to be edited, using Apple's Airdrop function. If it's simplicity and elegance you seek, iMovie is for you. One of its prominent features is the "green screen", which allows you to display characters on a background of your choice. You can also import songs and/or recordings via iTunes or GarageBand. Once the editing process is complete, you can immediately share it on Facebook or iMessage.

Cost- free for Apple customers.

For further details, click here


  1. Nero Video- a low cost video-editing software that is surprisingly full of features and effects. It presents the user with basic editing tools that are quite simple and less professional than Filmore (described below). It enables you to edit video easily using a Drag & Drop which is very comfortable for beginners. Its main advantage is its immense amount of video templates (more than a thousand!), which can simplify the editing process, especially for first-timers.

For further details, click here



  1. Corel VideoStudio- a software which features, beside all the properties described above, a 4K or VR360 advanced editing option. Furthermore, it enables access to more than 2,000 filters and effects, including premium effects used by leading figures in the video industry. Its great advantage is that it allows the editor to 'follow' characters throughout a certain shot and thus add a certain element to it: an arrow above it, amusing attire, or simply blur its face for discretion purposes. Its main disadvantage is that it is slow compared to other software.

For further details, click here


  1. Filmora- a simple yet high-quality video-editing software, Filmore offers a free version. I use this version and highly recommend it. Its design is very intuitive and user-friendly. The software comes with many filters, layers and movement elements coupled with a limited pick of royalty-free music. Furthermore, it allows you to create cool titles on par with more professional software. Its greatest advantage is that it features an "easy-editing" mode, specially designed for beginners. This mode allows users to edit videos by dragging &dropping. Selecting music and choosing a title for your video. The full version, available for pay, features further functions for advanced editors.

For further details, click here.



  1. Shotcut- a totally free, open source software that can serve you in your first steps in video-editing. The software supports a wide variety of formats, the intuitive and simply operated interface. The Drag & Drop feature simplifies the editing process for beginners.


For further details, click here.



  1. Windows 10 Photos App- the official substitute to Windows Movie Maker. This software is installed on computers with a Windows 10 operation system and is somewhat hidden, since anyone who searches for video editing tools in this operation system might not find it. A Google search, however, reveals its location. Why Microsoft chose to do this is a mystery. This software is a simple editing tool, quite similar in its functionality to its previous version perfect for a video editor uninterested in investing money and downloading software. The tool allows users to edit videos using a number of premade templates. In other words, the user chooses a video/picture file and the tool does the rest of the work for me, choosing apparats, music and transitions according to the selected template. This tool's advantage is its (quite surprising) 3D effects features.


For further details, click here.


  1. Windows Movie Maker- The first software I ever used, an entire decade ago. I've left it for last, as I have a special affinity to it and also since it is supported only by previous versions of Windows (up to the Windows 7 operation system), meaning that if you own a Windows 10 computer you won't be able to make any use of it. It is the simplest software I know and doesn't feature many functions and effects. You simply drag picture/video files, incorporate background music and subtitles and- voila, a video is ready in minutes. You can also add some effects from the limited array the tool offers.

For further details, click here.


In conclusion, this review was meant to enable readers to select one of various simple and user-friendly editing tools. If you are making your very first steps, I recommend Windows Movie Maker or Photos App. For a more professional tool, I recommend using Filmora. I wish to welcome all newcomers to the world of video editing. I fell in love with it and am sure you will too.










Written By Yael Peichich

Every organization, regardless of its size, needs as much internet promotion, marketing and branding as possible. Exposure attracts attention and raises awareness of your business. Like any other marketing/advertising method, the goal is to attract potential customers' attention.

Digital Marketing is a precise, interactive and quantifiable method of marketing of products or services. It utilizes digital technologies to gain new leads and turn them into customers. Digital marketing exploits all possible digital activities in order to advance businesses toward a clear objective, by specifically reaching out to the target audience. Digital Marketing considers the individual exposed to its message and manages a sales campaign from said exposure to the purchase.

Here are some tips that can help you implement this method optimally:

  1. Be present where your potential customers can be found:

Before choosing marketing channels (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram or all of the above), check where your specific audience is active. You can do this by presenting new customers with a questionnaire and using periodic data on the various social networks. Relying on the accumulated data, choose at least two marketing channels and utilize them consistently.

  1. Don't advertise aimlessly- each advertisement must have its purpose

Before advertising, review whether it serves your goals. The objective can be exposing the product, personal sharing, promoting sales, etc. Successful Digital Marketing depends on content that combines the various goals, adds value and curiosity to followers and doesn't focus solely on sales and explicit interests.

  1. Sponsored promotion

While sponsored promotion is vital, timing is a crucial factor. Things must be done at the right time and place. Sponsored Google ads or Facebook posts are an important component of Digital Marketing and it is possible, for a reasonable price, to reach the right target audience. It is important to focus on a keyword or phrase that characterized the target audience you wish to reach. An ad leading to a strategic landing page can be worth the financial investment.

  1. Mailing lists are necessary

Mailing lists are a necessary tool for maintaining a connection with customers and those following your activity. A mailing list allows you to send messages to customers that can be reached only via email, since they aren't members of nay social network.

  1. Digital maintenance

Your goal is exposure, which is attained gradually. It is vital to maintain the digital channels on a regular basis so that potential customers remain aware of your products and services. Even if one of the products/ads is irrelevant to customers, another might interest them.


In conclusion, the more prepared you are for the campaign and are ready to create and upload quality content to the web, the better results and wider exposure you will receive. Before embarking on this campaign, lay a firm web infrastructure and visibility so that the exposure is indeed effective. Plan each step and remember- there is a direct correlation between the amount of uploaded content and exposure/marketing of your product and organization.

I wish you luck!







Written by Rom Knowledgeware
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