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2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
March 2016 - Magazine No. 198
March 2016 - Magazine No. 198
An Internet of Things (or IOT) is a network of objects or "things", which enables advanced communication between these objects, information exchange and collection abilities. The IOT includes among others  >>
Legal claims in pleadings are expressed in words. This is the law; this is the convention. Yet, why should we confine the means of legal expression exclusively to realm of words? Why not express these claims through another  >>
The history of cinema began with the magic lantern. We, 21 st Century moviegoers, are more than accustomed to the innovations featured in 3D and IMAX movies and can only imagine the excitement generated by magic lantern  >>
In our day and age, in which we are connected to our mobile device at all times and places, consumerism is perceived in a new light. According to recent researches, an average consumer consumes 10 hours of media a day, six  >>
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