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May 2015 - Magazine No. 188
May 2015 - Magazine No. 188
The term 'responsive' has become a known term in the world of website and construction. Just in case there is still some doubt concerning the term's definition: a responsive site is a site adjusted for the screen size of the device from which the user is viewing the site be it a laptop, television screen, tablet or Smartphone.
One issue that frequently rises in many organizations is the issue of organizational compliance. In the organizational world, compliance is defined as actions and policies that the organization and worker must work by in order to meet the requirements of the organizational regulations and guidelines in different fields.
The wisdom of the crowd is defined as decisions/knowledge derived from the decisions/knowledge of a large crow which, under certain circumstances, can exceed that of an expert. This sentence, if read only few years ago, would be regarded by most as false. However, over the years we have witness this phenomenon recur successfully (e.g. Wikipedia) and therefore fully understand how such can occur.
The book describes changing habits on the individual level (me, you and she), the organizational level (Change Management) and the level of overall social changes. The book's motto is: although habits are embedded in our brains (i.e. create a nervous desire in our brain), they can be changed. The key to this is will power, a detailed understanding of the habit in its context, creating an alternati
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