2Know Magazine: Sharing KM Knowledge
2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
March 2015 - Magazine No. 186
March 2015 - Magazine No. 186
During the lessons learning activity, the team members should invest in finding the causes for the gap between the organization's predictions and reality. It is customary to attempt to reach the root causes at this point. Root causes are defined as the basic causes that led to the situation debriefed. Preventing the root causes would in effect prevent the whole situation from happening.
With the click of a mouse, we receive endless information. Now that we have all this information, we must navigate through it and locate the relevant information within the page or document, in the shortest time possible.
The review is based an article by Linda L Briggs published in TDWI.
In her article, Briggs suggests tips and methodologies for collecting requirements for Business Intelligence based on an interview she conducted  >>
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