2Know Magazine: Sharing KM Knowledge
2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
August 2014 - Magazine No. 179
August 2014 - Magazine No. 179
: people don't read articles, they skim through them.
Our skimming habits are understandable in light of the website inflation, the information overload and the lack of time. When looking for something specific (and the article indeed interests us), the chances of us reading its entire contents rise.
DSS: Decision Supporting System is a computerized information system that supports decision making processes in a business or organization. The system is meant to assist managers on the managerial, functional and strategic level in order to make ambiguous or somewhat ambiguous decisions, such as: decisions made in a setting of uncertainty, new decisions made by a manager without past experience wi
A recent trend that is here to stay is personalized knowledge access (usually in an organizational or professional portal). There are several ways to personalize knowledge access. These methods differ in their level  >>
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