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2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
November 2014 - Magazine No. 182
November 2014 - Magazine No. 182
A man and woman are stuck in an empty room in a deserted building in London. The door is open. They wish to leave. Why don't they leave? Towards the end of the play a third character joins them and changes the course of the play till its surprising ending.
'Voices' is a play I wrote, performed these days in the Alley Theater of Jaffa, Israel.
We are now in the Social generation. This means more sharing, less managing. We're beginning to internalize that there is some truth behind the term “Wisdom of the Crowds”.
When we choose fonts for the body of the text, we should ask ourselves: does this font-family include enough styles (for example, italic or bold)?
Is the font suitable for the environment in which the text will "live"? Will the readers find the font comfortable and enticing?
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