2Know Magazine: Sharing KM Knowledge
2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
January 2014 - Magazine No. 172
January 2014 - Magazine No. 172
SoLoMo is an acronym of "Socialization Localization Mobilization", which signifies integrating social networks (Social), a physical location (Local), and a Smartphone (Mobile). It is an integration of location-based sharing technologies and search results of mobile search engines.
Eye tracking is a process of assessment, documentation and examination of eye movement while scanning websites. It enables us to understand what the user notices and looks at when scanning the site, what he/she ignores, the pattern or direction of the reading and the reaction of the eye to different stimuli.
My first personal meeting during this convention was with Dave Snowden, who for years has been a leading advocate of the school of thought claiming knowledge is unmanageable. Therefore, Snowden claims KM is either dead, dying or should be killed.
Written by Rom Knowledgeware
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