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The KM Portal solution

The term 'portal' literally means an entrance, a gate. The organizational portal is the 'gate' to the organization.

The portal is the gate through which we wish the users to pass through the applications and documents. The organizational portal serves as an entrance gate to the organization workers and one of its main purposes is Knowledge Managements:

The portal enables us to link information, knowledge and data in combined screens.

A good portal is one which links data, information and knowledge together in order to promote an organizational target. When the portal mainly supports the promotion of intra-organizational communication and organizational transparency, as well as the relationship between the organization and the worker regardless of the worker's position- we refer to the portal as a transverse portal since it serves all groups in the organization equally. This type of portal usually includes access to support centers, news on events in the company, welfare services and human resources.

When the portal supports the current work processes, the relationship between the organization and the individual worker as a specific functionary (salesperson, programmer, etc) the portal is referred to as "job related".

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