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ROM Knowledgeware Ltd. Is the largest KM solutions provider in Israel, specializing in establishment of KM activities as business enablers for many of the leading Israeli companies. ROM is well known for its advanced practical and effective methodologies, as well as its ability to convert knowledge into a tool enabling business success.


ROM’s KM Solutions

ROM Knowledgeware provides a wide range of organization-customized KM solutions, advancing and assimilating a culture of knowledge retention, knowledge sharing and knowledge creation.

ROM offers its customers tailor made solutions best fitted for their needs.

ROM offers a wide range of services, from strategic consultancy, through specified projects, instituting of KM teams, up to full scale organizational KM projects.

ROM is committed to providing its customers with the full view of the KM solutions aspects: Culture, process, technology and content. These solutions consists of:


ROM’s People

The ROM team is a winner team. It is based on professionals from different areas such as: organizational consultantancy, organizational psychology, business administration, content organization and industrial engineering.

ROM Consultants are well known for their practical approach while analyzing the needs, building the solutions, marketing the use and managing the cultural change of the KM solution.


ROM’s Leadership

ROM Knowledgeware leads the Israeli KM market, through continuous commitment to the development of new KM methodologies, as well as its implementation in organizations and sharing them with the KM community:

  • ROM are the professional managers of the “KMI”, The Israeli KM club.
  • ROM holds one of the largest knowledge bases in the world containing over 1,000 articles, specifying different aspects of  the KM Project
  • ROM is the publisher of “2Know”, the only Israeli professional KM journal, distributed to over 3,000 readers monthly
  • ROM owns the “Knowledge Management Academy” who trains organization key members on KM methodologies
  • ROM is the professional authority in charge of the largest KM Summit in Israel (since 2003).


 The TiP-ToP solution

As a company which strives for excellence ROM Knowledgeware has developed the "Tip-Top" software (During 2001-2005).  The 'Tip-Top' way forward for our customers to compete and win in the area of learn lessons, best practices, tips and tricks, and recommendations that can be generalized serve the organization in many future occasions.

ROM Knowledgeware offers the only software in the market that holds a full solution for managing these best practices, know-how’s and lessons learned. The software enables context based managing of the best practices and provides easy access for retrieving the knowledge as needed in processes of work and thus enables efficient and effective daily work.  

For a TiP-ToP demo – please click here.

To download or print a TiP-ToP  brochure – please click here.


Further Information

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 2Know KM Journal (Heb)

Moria's Knowledge Management Blog (English)


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