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We have been working with Moria Levy and ROM representatives for over 3 years as part of a KM development program at the Ministry of Education. During this period we have learned and been exposed to advanced Knowledge Management perceptions and technological approaches retaining and managing knowledge. We wish to acknowledge that this organization deals with these various issues seriously and professionally. Moria Levy leads this field both in Israel and on an international level. In recent years she is promoting the formulation of an international KM standard. We have encountered an ability to adapt these advanced approaches to the content and the field of security, combine advanced approaches and transform them into goals, actions and tasks. In short, ROM exhibits a combination of practical intelligence and reliability.
R.S. Ministry of Education
May 2016

As I retire, I wish to express my appreciation and gratitude for a longstanding professional partnership in the field of Knowledge Management. Together, we defined goals, planned and executed projects of a variety of magnitude and level of complexity- and have gained many achievements. Products of KM such as: Knowledgebases, knowledge directories, professional doctrine, system analysis of various systems, products of knowledge retaining and documentation, etc. are the proof of comprehensive work and effort invested over the years while using the most advanced professional methodologies.
H.Y. National Insurance Institute of Israel

February 2013

I wish to express my immense appreciation of Moran Maaravi, for the impeccable service he provides with such diligence, uncompromising professionalism and swift performance. Moran always dedicatedly supportive and instantly comprehends the challenge at hand; he then always provides a satisfactory.
Thank you,
Ami, Teva

December 2012

Moria and ROM workers,
After several years of providing us with KM services, it is time to show our appreciation. Your service is always professional and includes constant performing of learning processes- both internal and with us clients. Your professionalism, Moria, as well as that of your workers is manifested in various activities. You are always reliable. Equally important is the positive atmosphere which improves the working experience not only for my team but for all the IAI representatives in the business organizations for which we create these effective KM processes.
Avi Kedem
Chief Knowledge Manager, IAI

August 2012

Thank you and your team for the great work performed over the years. I am positive you will continue to succeed.
O.P, Teva

June 2012

Thank you for an excellent lecture; the responses were admiring! In merely an hour, you pointed out the main points while maintaining a light and positive attitude which showed optimal adaptation to our workers' mindset.
In short: amazing.
Thank you,
G.B.M, Klalit Health Services

May 2012

Dear Moria,
I believe that nothing should be taken for granted. And so I wish to express my appreciation of you: on a professional level, I feel unworthy to speak of your work; I have never encountered someone so professional, responsible thorough and dedicated. You are a busy bee that can turn data into a story, complete with a beginning, middle and end. Your ability to 'read between the lines' is extraordinary and I have no doubt that it is your intelligence and skills which have gotten us this far.
With great appreciation,
Aya Glickman
Head of the volunteer department
Children in Placement Council

August 2011

Thank you for your professional, involved and caring work which led to these wonderful results
S.G, Pelephone
I agree, you are truly an asset!
K.P, Pelephone
July 2011


Dear Mila,
I offer my deepest gratitude for the effort, the commitment and the smile you maintained during the long process of setting up this website. You uniquely supported us and cooperated with us. I hope to see you supporting other projects in our bank.
N.A, International bank

February 2013


Dear Ella & Team,
Just wanted to drop a note and say: thank you!
Due to your willingness, dedication, insights, extraordinary flexibility, high creativity and positive attitude throughout the whole project, the Teva new guiding values are now on air on tevanet and HR community.
I really appreciate all your hard work, we are lucky to have such a great team on board!
A.P Teva