Many Organizations wonder whether Gamification is more than playing games at work; is this merely a gimmick or can this concept be implemented in organizations.

Gamification is a process which involves incorporating positive emotional experiences into everyday conduct. While this indeed includes actual games, there is more to this concept. Gamification is mainly useful for tutorial processes, exposure processes and change management processes yet can also be occasionally utilized during routine work processes in order to generate interest and keep us focused.

Gamification is mainly implemented through games and competitions accompanied by a set of rules related to gradually built tension, use of additional senses, gaining points, etc.

ROM Knowledgeware implements Gamification processes while emphasizing the integration of individual & group processes and highlighting the fact that this is merely a means to an end and not an end in itself- and as such should be viewed when investing resources.

Clients include: National Insurance Institute of Israel, Mizrachi Tfachot Bank.