SolutionsSmart Forms and documents

One of the most interesting challenges organizations face regarding information is how minimally documents are read, comprehended and used. Even when important position documents, procedures, methodology, etc. a great majority of workers merely skims through them. A smaller portion of them actually comprehends the document's content and an even smaller group actually uses them.


ROM applies a unique methodology in order to create smart documents as such. It is based on three levels: a knowledge map, document nuggets and complementary tools. This tri-leveled scheme results in a model and in turn the document's chapters are designed in order to provide readers with optimal accessibility and better understanding.


Writing documents stimulates thought and helps the reader read, comprehend and internalize content. The complementary tools demonstrate the document's main components in relevant work processes which utilize said document.


ROM offers a unique approach to the development of smart documents. This approach is based on consequential thinking which takes the knowledge workers' desire for independence into consideration as well as their readiness to learn from colleagues'' experience when filling out thought-intensive forms. 


Clients include: BMS, National Insurance Institute of Israel.