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The third sector is significantly different than business sectors. On one hand, the sharing and KM needs are clear as in any business organization, occasionally even more so. On the other hand, since these are non-profit organizations the KM benefits are not financial but qualitative; this makes understanding and internalizing the need and its necessity on behalf of the organizations quite difficult.

The third sector usually operates in multiple circles: a limited circle of staff workers; a wider circle of field workers; an even wider circle of volunteers and besides all these extensive activity involving cooperation between different organizations or overlapping organizations which contribute to everyone achieving organizational goals. This unique activity involving workers working beside volunteers and inter-organizational cooperation creates a setting of knowledge distributed between multiple factors yet is harder to share due to both its connection to others non-members and low technological linking to these factors.

Case Study: KM in projects

Many organizations fund projects performed with other parties. The organization has a coordinator responsible for the project; a similar coordinator is activated by the partner actually performing the project. Other partners interested in this knowledge are the board of trustees/management of the organization which authorizes activities. Knowledge Management on different levels: strategic, tactic and functional are critical for decision making: KM is critical for the board of trustees following multiple projects simultaneously and wish to ensure the advancement of the entire activity as well as its proper functioning and correct investing; KM is critical for project managers that wish to concentrate all the functional material and make tactical decisions both in the project and while learning from one project to another; KM is critical for partners aspiring to manage successful projects while optimally utilizing the budget and relying on the organization's existing knowledge learned from  previous projects.


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