Learning Knowledge Management from a group, who already practices it.

The Knowledge Academy


ROM Knowledgeware operates a knowledge management school named The Knowledge Academy.

At this school, we teach organizations and knowledge workers the skills required in order to independently promote their KM goals in their organizations, by themselves. The instructors in The Knowledge Academy are the company’s consultants that possess high training qualities combined with practical and methodological experience.

The knowledge Academy offers a variety of courses and workshops:


“2know more”– The most comprehensive knowledge management course in Israel


The course components and objectives:

The objective of the course is to provide practical tools that will enable workers to implement knowledge management solutions in organizations.

“2know more” is the most methodological and comprehensive course in Israel.

The course includes learning the core content, the methodology, the challenges and tips on assimilating the knowledge management solution in the work environment.


The course is built from five meetings, once a week. Each meeting will start at 09:00 and end by 16:00.

Each course graduate will be entitled to one consultation meeting free of charge*. The purpose of this meeting is to examine the implementation of the tools taught in the course in the graduate organization.

Additionally, each graduate will be entitled to special benefits (details to come).


*The one meeting does not depend on the amount of participants per organization. The meeting will be held in ROM offices.

The course's syllabus: 

  • Knowledge and knowledge needs in organizations: the Knowledge Management project stages.
  • The variety of knowledge management solutions: smart templates, websites, portals, professional desktops, lessons learned, best practices, communities of practice, knowledge retention, experts' maps, innovation, search engines, web content management, documents and content management and more.
  • From websites to portals: how to establish portals to enhance success.
  • Content organization: the right content for the right person in the right time.
  • Partners and positions in a Knowledge Management activity: from the steering committee to the content experts.
  • Supporting environment: Knowledge Management culture and change management.
  • Lesson learnt: To produce lessons learned and ensure their use.
  • The future is now: Web 2.0 and its implications on Knowledge Management.
  • Concluding workshop: matching needs and solutions. (practical experience in the field).

For details please call 972-77-5020-771




  • “The course was delivered well and emphasized on subjects relevant to the work place and for general knowledge”. May 2008
  • “The course was enriching, interesting and provided a lot of added value”. May 2008
  • “The right combination between academic research and practice”. January 2008
  • “The course was professional, in high level and contained relevant content, which were delivered professionally. Recommended for every knowledge director in organization”. January 2008
  • “The course revealed to me the entire field of knowledge management and its applications. It is possible to assimilate the knowledge acquired immediately”. January 2008
  • “Brilliant course. It arranges all the content of the knowledge management world. Moria Levi is great and very knowledgeable”. January 2008
  • “High level of training”. January 2008
  • “The course is excellent and very professional. Interesting and very practical”. October 2007
  • “I was very pleased with the course; I feel it contributed a lot to my knowledge. I already feel the added value gained from the course in my knowledge management practices that is why I initiated transformation of the course content to all websites leaders in our team”. May 2007
  • “The course was very interesting and it opened my mind to new directions”. November 2006
  • “The course enriched my knowledge and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the course and its content. The lectures were professionals and I enjoyed listening to them”. November 2006
  • “The course was high level. I would actually recommended to add more days to the course, since i left with hungry for more”. November 2006
  • “Thank you for the course. It was interesting. Highly recommended”. June 2005
  • “I was pleasantly surprised from the professional level and the practical content of the course. I feel I got more than expected”. January 2005
  • “An excellent course that integrates theoretical knowledge with professional tips from people with lots of experience. Highly recommended for anyone who practices knowledge management”. 2004


More workshops and courses:



More workshops:




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ROM Knowledgeware Offices

Portals workshop

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ROM Knowledgeware Offices

How to be a content experts [workshop]

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ROM Knowledgeware Offices

Lessons learned and their management [workshop]


Tailored courses:

We also tailor courses for clients' needs. For more details please contact ROM Knowledgeware 972-77-5020-771