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The world of government is a world rich with knowledge. Government actions are solely based on knowledge and civil service. In many cases this knowledge is not implemented merely in the different offices and organizations but also utilized in order to interface between the different governmental and civil offices. Knowledge management in government enables improvement of work processes and service.

Case study: procedure and memo management

Laws and regulations are constructed in order to interpret and instill content into laws, procedures and memos are streamed to branches and personnel facing civilians. Knowledge managed in documents is the main knowledge these offices hold and appropriate document organization is vital in order to ensure their usage and providing a quick and correct response. Advanced memo and procedure management while using a memo map and breaking its content down into knowledge segments is a tool which ensures the knowledge is correctly organized.

Case Study

An increasing number of government offices are beginning to emphasize on civil service. Call centers are being set up by these offices and many of them are preparing for providing service by centralized officials in the various branches. Knowledge and data directories assist managing this knowledge. They contain brief information on nearly any subject (a little on a lot). A Knowledge Management solution involves setting up a directory, setting up the technological, procedural and thematic infrastructure for presenting these items. The thematic aspects deal with organizing the items and defining templates in order to define content pages uniformly, simply and clearly. KM activity can also deal with upgrading an existing data directory.


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Ministry of Welfare
State Comptroller
The Jewish Agency
Mandel Institution
Tel Aviv Municipality
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Ministry of Defense
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
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