The world of communication is probably the most dynamic of all worlds of content the 21st Century has seen. Marketing campaigns, wide service which substantially affects consuming habits, business intelligence, etc. Knowledge Management in the world of communication allows organizations to keep up- a task far from simple.



Case study: Knowledge and information directory

Many communication organizations are based on the service bodies they place in their forefront. The manner in which customers are answered as well as how quickly said answer is received as well as the relevance and precision of the received answer greatly affect the customer's sense of satisfaction. A client calling or even physically sitting in front of a service representative can ask more than 200,000 possible questions regarding the location of the closest branch, operating the device, sales, etc.

Service representatives must very quickly locate, read, comprehend and then simply and clearly communicate the required information to the customer. The message must also be uniformly delivered by all service representatives. Knowledge Management in a directory involves its setup, organizing its contents correctly, structuring standard data templates which are simple and uniform, concise writing which is both simple and clear and initiating processes which ensure knowledge flow throughout the organization as well as updating existing directories.

Case study: Wiki website for managing recurring malfunctions

A communication company typically employs many technicians. These technicians are usually skilled in high computing literacy. They encounter recurring and similar problems which they report in various channels; in many cases they manage the malfunction itself yet not the knowledge related to it. A Wiki website is an extremely comfortable tool for managing malfunctions whether using system computing bodies or engineering bodies.
The ease in which additional data can be linked to existing information as well as be edited and updated adds immediate, quick and essential value and as such serves as an important work tool accessible to technicians for performance improvement and reducing troubleshooting time.


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