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The world of healthcare is one of four developing fields (despite to all contrasts). The policyholder's knowledge is increasing, partly based on info from the internet and partly based on knowledge gathered from competing health organizations. Another part is based on the fact that he/she tends to seek more than one medical opinion. Health organizations should provide their workers with the knowledge in order to ensure that it is comprehensive and can answer policyholders' inquiries in a uniform manner as well as allow knowledge sharing between functionaries which deal with similar activities in different locations.

Case study: Paramedical community

Healthcare organizations are composed of defined functionaries who are integrated into different facilities. Practically, there are many workers who man the same positions (physiotherapists, nurses, lab workers etc). These officials face similar dilemmas daily and since the nature of their tasks does not depend on their location, one lab worker's dilemma is usually identical to his colleagues' dilemmas. All physiotherapists keep, as part of their activity, filmed exercises for patients to perform at home. Without Knowledge Manager, the wheel is reinvented on a daily basis. A KM community enables sharing not only in person but via virtual channels which enable sharing documents, tips, filmed exercises, FQA etc. Virtual sharing via website enables discussions and raising dilemmas immediately.

Case Study: smart procedures

Healthcare organizations are based (besides the service they provide customers) on the knowledge and information regarding who is entitled to what service and under which conditions. The information is sorted in procedures and memos which are occasionally distributed between different functionaries. There is a certain difficulty in rereading the entire procedure every time it is updated; another difficulty involves remembering the information and retrieving relevant segments when necessary. 'Smart procedures' is a new method for constructing procedures and memos based on a procedure map on the first page and the remaining data organized as knowledge nuggets. Smart procedures ensure correct, updated and precise use of organization procedures


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