The world of transportation involves a great variety of activities: engineering design, infrastructural processes, statuary management etc. Knowledge Management in this field enables sharing accumulated knowledge between different parties which in many cases are connected only through common partners and subcontractors. This is true regarding new activities which have generated new, previously unavailable knowledge, yet equally relevant to classic means of transportation.

Case study: professional desktop for train companies

One prominent characteristic of traffic activity when planning train routes is matrix activity. The knowledge and information are managed by route (i.e. all knowledge and data regarding each route) yet concurrently managed by professional departments (i.e. all routes which feature activities related to each department). The multiplicity of information and knowledge as well as the large amount of workers engaged in all activities and their integration make an intelligent management and comprehensive overview quite difficult. A professional desktop which links data, information and knowledge (including links to the project system, a file-managing system and additional systems) enables each party to view the most comprehensive view relevant to its needs minus the need for double filing or redundant reports. This is the essence of the professional desktop; all data, information and knowledge for any engineer and worker, according to their needs- yet via individual management.

Case study: Insight management for infrastructure work

How do we correctly plan a digging angle? How can prevent excessive soil at some stage yet still have enough 2 weeks later? How can we know where unreported preexisting infrastructure can be found? Each tip and lesson is highly financially valuable; this makes refraining from repeating mistakes so critical. Knowledge Management, whether through lesson learning processes or merely in workers' heads is a process which significantly contributes to reducing losses related to the field.


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