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Knowledge Management Software

Beside methodological solutions, ROM offers several technological KM solutions:

  •  Tip-Top: for lesson production and management
  • Omer: for Knowledge Management in customer service call centers
  • File & Find: for managing documents and portals in small and medium-sized organizations



About the Tip-Top system

What is Tip-Top?
Tip-Top is software which incorporates lessons, insights and Best Practices produced in a methodological process as part of the practical experience accumulated by the organization and offers methods for knowledge reuse in all relevant future activities.

What is the target audience of 'Tip-Top'?

Any organization interested in its knowledge to be not only documented but usable and implementable for all organization workers. Any organization that wishes to make intelligent use of the knowledge accumulated in thousands of hours of veteran experience and any organization that desires to ensure the prevention of recurring mistakes and the recurrence of organizational successes.

How does the Tip-Top software support the attainment of these goals?

The Tip-Top software allows entering lessons and insights into a single database and provides comfortable methods for retrieving knowledge in a manner adapted to the worker's work processes in the organization.

Comprehensive response for retrieval and buffering of knowledge

Tip-Top Classic, as web-based software, offers consistent, quick and comfortable access, search and retrieval of insights and lessons relevant to the user in general or specific context. Furthermore, it allows managing the insight databases. The allowance-based software allows relevant content managers to create new databases, define properties and values and (mainly) manage insights.

Tip-Top Push-it : software which enables focused buffering of insights and lessons found in Word documents according to their general context according o user definitions. How does this work? When working in a Word environment a side panel will pop-up and suggest viewing relevant insights and lessons. Workers who choose to open said panel can view titles and enter the relevant insights.

Tip-Top Learn-it: web software for automated lesson learning support in accordance with organizational methodology; allows structured searching of debriefing databases.

The various Tip-Top softwares allow:

  • Links to both knowledge sources (such as relevant documents, sketches, etc) and the required activity in relation to knowledge (such as formulas, documents on which a feasibility check is required, etc.) These are retrievable beside the lesson/insight; this saves the user time and effort usually wasted on wandering between content areas in order to find and implement the relevant knowledge.
  •  Sensitivity to the edge user's level of knowledge: veteran users can receive the insights defined for their level of knowledge and not bother with knowledge already gained.
  • Focused definition of insights according to the relevant properties of the content world in which they were created.
  • Ongoing data management regarding the relevance of the knowledge item and its level of update (new/existing/expired insight).

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The 'Omer' system: a knowledge directory for service improvement

If you are in need of a tool which will assist in providing better service or are considering replacing your current service tool…we've got an offer for you!

Omer, a system which concentrates and presents all professional knowledge required for providing clients with service in an intuitive and friendly manner which enables quick, uniform and high-quality response in real-time.

Omer's benefits include:

  • Simple and comfortable to utilize for both content enterer and service provider.
  •  Features a simple and efficient search engine.
  •  Enables two-way message transmission (sending feedback, task assigning, etc.)
  • Low cost (both purchase and maintenance!)
  •  The system and data are hosted on ROM servers

Target Audiences:

Call centers and businesses that provide service by telephone, internet or face-to- face.

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About the File & find System

What is the File & Find system?

File & Find is document-management software which enables sharing documents and making them accessible to organization workers/clients/partners via the web.


Target Audience

  • Decentralized organizations or small organizations that lack a document sharing platform yet wish to share the knowledge.
  • Organizations wishing to share knowledge with clients and/or partners.
  •  Organizations that seek a simple portal void of high costs and existing infrastructure.

How does the File & Find system enable addressing an organization's Knowledge Management needs?

  • File & Find enables sharing documents and making them accessible intuitively and comfortably for any desired cut. Any document uploaded to the system is tagged according to predefined properties such as: products, processes and clients. The system enables locating them both via search engine and by utilizing dynamic menus representing the content of each cut.
  • A File & Find system enables sending notifications to any worker/partner/client's email inbox once in a predefined period (daily/weekly/etc.) through which the addressee is actively updated on additional data uploaded to the system.
  • A file & Find enables communication and transmitting messages to system users and can be utilized for intra-organizational for organizations implementing the system for internal needs and spreading commercial messages to clients and/or partners. Responses and talkbacks can be managed as well, which enables a discussion in relevant context.
  •  File and Find enables document retrieval from the system itself and the company website and saves double management of documents already published on an external website.

File & Find benefits as a technological solution:

  • No installation and purchasing expensive technological equipment required; the system and information operate on cloud architecture.
  •  The solution was planned and set up by a company which specializes in Knowledge Management; it is also implemented in said company and is therefore based on KM principles.

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