A survey conducted by ROM in 2016 shows that over 80% of the participating organizations find search results unsatisfactory. Those organizations which have been shown to be satisfied are those organizations that invested in adapting the search engine to organizational needs.

There are some search technologies used for detecting documents and data items, yet in order to find the data we require, we must 'help technology help us'; we must assist in a way that requires minimal human effort yet leads to optimal results.

ROM Knowledgeware offers a search-improvement methodology based on a gradual project. It starts off with easy steps and as it proceeds requires more substantial investment. Between stages, search results are repeatedly examined in order to reach a search which can be considered a 'good enough' search attained for minimal human investment per document.

ROM emphasizes post-search result presentation in order to ease navigation through search results and reaching the desired data.

ROM also runs Search Federation projects which implement an integration of search sources to attain a perfect result.

Clients include: the National Insurance Institute of Israel.