Procedures are a seemingly dreary subject which workers love to hate and attempt to ignore as much as possible. Workers rarely read procedures; rarer are cases in which workers 'consult' procedures before making a decision or transaction.

Yet procedures actually potentially encompass the organization's most valuable knowledge- from required regulations to the organization's accumulated set of professional insights.


ROM Knowledgeware has developed a unique approach towards procedure writing, based on smart documents. These documents start off with a graphic map which explains their main components as well as the interactions between these elements. This map highlights main points and ignores more secondary elements. The document is structured in a manner which enables easily reaching a specific section and return to the map whenever necessary. Procedures are written while having the end costumer in mind; this effects both the manner in which they organized and their selected style and wording.

Clients include: BMS, Teva, Bank of Israel, The Israeli Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.