About usVision

ROM Knowledgeware's Vision: To lead to both the personal and business growth of our clients, workers and our organization as a whole.


ROM values

While working with clients, partners, suppliers and when facing competition, ROM workers always act according to the following values:

Professionalism and excellence

ROM aspires to offer solutions on the highest professional level, while striving for the personal excellence of its consultants. Professionalism is manifested in all stages of the KM process, from business-oriented understanding of client's needs, through offering the most fitting solutions and finally choosing the best implementation methodology for these solutions.

Partnership along the way

ROM acts out of partnership: partnership between its workers that work as an integrated team; partnership with its clients in order promote the attainment of professional and organizational goals; partnership with the Israeli Knowledge Management community.


Human Empowerment

ROM believes that its success is an outcome of empowering its workers while emphasizing their personal conduct as they work with clients. ROM believes in each of its consultants' personal ability and invests in their personal and professional development.

Knowledge Development and Innovation


ROM highlights knowledge development and constant innovation in its areas of expertise in order to promote its customers and the Knowledge Management community at large. ROM also aspires and encourages knowledge development and innovative activities among its customers.