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ROM Knowledgeware was founded in 1999 and is the largest and leading consultancy firm providing Knowledge Management and Social Media services in Israel. We offer a rich and comprehensive variety of KM solutions- all based on business-oriented thinking, practicality and efficiency- supporting the organization in attaining its goals and advancing it.
We assist our clients on several different levels:

  • We provide them with good advice: consulting and mentoring (either specific or continuous)
  • We manage and perform KM activities in the organization together
  •  We maintain the content on both intra organizational and extra organizational websites
  • We guide organizations through different KM subjects and aspects application

ROM Knowledgeware is the only consulting company which boasts:

  • The KM ISO 30401 standard certification- 2021
  • A KM magazine, published for over 15 years KM magazine
  •  The world's largest open KM methodology knowledgebase  KM knowledgebase
  • Knowledge Management courses rich both in content and tools for practical application.

Dr. Moria Levy, CEO:

  • Chairman of the ISO expert committee for developing a global Knowledge Management standard ISO/CD 30401
  • Has published internationally leading papers in the field of KM and is currently the most active researcher in the field in Israel. Her paper on WEB2ץ0 & Knowledge Management is the internationally leading text on the subject.
  • Head of the Israeli Knowledge Management Forum   Israeli KM Forum
  • Member of the leading team of KMGN

And there's more…
ROM manages professional forums in the field:

  • The KMI forum
  • The Knowledge Management for Service Centers forum