About us
Who We Are

ROM Knowledgeware was founded in 1999,  and today it is the largest and leading organization providing Knowledge Management and Social Media services in Israel.

ROM Knowledgeware is the only Israeli consulting company boasting The Israeli KM Standard (25006). Our Knowledge Management monthly magazine 2Know is being published since 1999, with thousands of readers.

We also maintain the world's largest open methodological Knowledge Management knowledgebase . In addition, we lead a Knowledge Management course, which is rich both in content and tools for practical application.

And that is not all…  

Customer Experience

We provide various levels of customer experience:

>   Consulting and mentoring - ongoing and/or Ad Hoc 

>   Helping in implementation of Knowledge Management activities  

>   Content  maintenance of customers' sites - both in-house and external sites

>   In-house Knowledge management  training  for managers and knowledge workers

>   And last but not least - we bring our long time earned added value


We also provide various aspects of customer support :

>   Content

>   Organizational culture and change management

>   Work procedures

>   Computerization

We are Unique