KM Knowledgebase

Over the years, ROM has developed many KM tools and methodologies. In many areas of KM, these are considered unique methodologies (lessons and best-practices management; retiree knowledge continuation; smart documents, etc.) regarding other KM-related issues, we have preceded both international and Israeli markets (e.g. in 2001 we set-up a professional portal for Comverse when the world only began discussing the concept). In other areas, we documented what is been performed by many, yet remains for most (globally speaking) an 'oral tradition'.


ROM specializes in several fields of Knowledge Management and believes that there is no single one solution for any subject. Therefore, solutions should be adapted to the organization and its need.


ROM, over its 20 years of activity, has been documenting the aforementioned methodologies and publishing them free of charge to the general public. Our knowledgebase is the world's largest open methodological knowledgebase for Knowledge Management(!). The knowledgebase includes articles, reviews, tips and terms.

For details on any specific KM subject, select the appropriate option from the menu on your right and read the articles. We gladly accept comments and remarks, as well as requests for writing material on subjects which lack documented knowledge.