2Know Magazine: Sharing KM Knowledge
2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
September 2018 - Magazine No. 228
September 2018 - Magazine No. 228
Organizations are constantly reaching decisions to upgrade the organizational Knowledge Management system.
The system upgrade's natural context is replacing the current system with another: a newer one, featuring  >>
Innovation deals with development of new knowledge using creative methods.
Knowledge Management is somewhat wider: it deals both with new and existing knowledge, putting a major effort on reuse of existing knowledge,  >>
Learning lessons is an activity familiar and common among organizations. As Knowledge Management personnel we recommend it as a method of organizational learning and assist organizations in formulating a lesson  >>
The term 'rating' originally refers to an evaluation of the percentage of viewers viewing a certain television show and ranking the television shows in a descending order.
Nowadays, in the ago of internet, 'rating'  >>
It is extremely simple to plan a detailed route nowadays, down to which restaurants or gas stations we will pass on the way.
Using maps answers one of our most basic needs: spatial orientation.
As time went by and relevant  >>
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