2Know Magazine: Sharing KM Knowledge
2Know: Sharing KM Knowledge
January 2018 - Magazine No. 220
January 2018 - Magazine No. 220
I've recently connected to Netflix. It has proven to be one of my best content consumption experiences in a while. Why?
I can choose which devices I wish to use (Smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, etc.) I can also choose users:  >>
Long before the dawn of the age of "fake news" in which the credibility of all news reports is challenged, prior to post modernism revealing the subjectivity of reality and its dependence on the eye of the beholder,  >>
Spoiler: this piece was written while migrating to SharePoint websites @ a client via ShareGate and is the result of great excitement.
I am quite excited to tell you…
I can recall only few occasions on which I studied  >>
Written by Rom Knowledgeware
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